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Asteroid miner Deep Space Industries will use the cooperative “noninterference” example of the deep sea mining industry as it steers its way through the murky legalese governing space mining.

Deep Space unveiled its plan for space mining at a news conference in the Santa Monica Museum of Flying in California this January 23, 2013. The asteroid miner plans to cooperate with other major players in the nascent asteroid mining industry since the laws covering resource mining beyond the earth are mostly unformed.

David Gump, chief executive officer of Deep Space, noted that deep sea mining and similar parallels proceeded without a global treaty. According to him, deep sea miners abided by a mutual agreement of noninterference.

Deep Space intends to follow the 1967 outer space treaty, which will give it the right to exploit space resources but not the right to claim any sovereign territory. The Company plans to encourage the U.S. Congress to pass legislation in support of the treaty.

In order to seek out and extract resources in the solar system, Deep Space Industries is planning to build and deploy a fleet of Firefly spacecraft. The 25 kilogram spacecraft will feature innovative miniature technologies in finding and mining targets of opportunity identified by NASA and other companies and groups. The first Firefly is set to be launched in 2105 and will spend anywhere from two to six months journeying to prospective asteroids.

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